Lovina is increasingly becoming a popular place for foreigners looking for a lifestyle change or to retire. Lovina and the north of Bali, is the exact opposite of southern Bali, being much quieter and peaceful. There are no traffic jams and fewer hassles for people wanting to settle in Bali. The cost of living and price of real estate is generally cheaper in the north than the south.

In the dry season the weather is hot, but not as humid as the south of Bali. The local and expat population is friendly and welcoming to new arrivals and usually happy to help with any problems or questions you might have about living in the area.

Bali's volcanic sand beaches face the Bali sea are calm and good for swimming and snorkeling. It is not the place for surfing, but there are plenty of other activities you can enjoy on the water like diving and fishing.

With the increase of foreigners moving to the area to live, the range of businesses catering to expat needs is also growing, including a German bakery and delicatessen, supermarkets, bars and restaurants.

Lovina is the main tourist center, but the whole north of Bali is actually becoming popular, including the mountains behind Lovina, Bali's second largest city Singaraja and nearby towns such as Panji, Air Sanih and Seririt.

This is a brief guide to living in Lovina and what you might expect. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about living in Lovina.

Shopping for food

The range of western food and ingredients is slowly increasing in Lovina and Singarja. There are two Hardy's supermarkets in Singaraja that sell a wide range of groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables and household items.

ABD Food Mart in Singaraja supplies restaurants and hotels in the area but it is also open to the public. They have a good range of imported food products and meat. Upstairs they have a wide range of cooking utensils and cleaning products.

In central Lovina, there is an Indomaret convenience store. Angsoka store in the main road near the traffic lights has a good supply of dry food products and household goods. Lovina Bakery has delicious freshly baked bread, cakes and other imported food.


Other than beach wear, there are not a lot of clothing shops suitable for foreigners in the area. The south of Bali is better for clothes shopping.

Furniture and white goods

In Singaraja there are a number of stores selling electronic goods, like refridgerators, airconditioning units, televisions and washing machines. Along the main road between Lovina and Singaraja there a number of shops selling furniture for your house or villa. Prices are not fixed so don't be afraid to bargain. The prices are quite reasonable and not much different from what you might pay in your home country.

Around Lovina there are several places that make custom furniture. The quality is very good and not expensive. There are a large number of hardware stores in Lovina and Singaraja. Next to the old Hardys in Singaraja there is a tool shop "Multi Technik".

In the south of Bali, you can find almost anything you need at large department stores like: Hypermart, Carrefour and Makro.

Banks in Lovina

There are two ATMs in central Lovina that you can use to withdraw money and work with most international cards. The BCA ATM only dispenses 50,000 rupiah notes and BNI only gives out 100,000 rupiah notes, with a maximum withdrawal limit of 1.2 million rupiah at one time. If you need to open an account or do any other banking, you will need to go to Singaraja. There are several money changers in central Lovina.

Postal service

There is a post office just outside of central Lovina on the main road heading west towards Java. If you need to get mail sent to you, it is a good idea to open a mail box. The cost is 60,000 rupiah per year.

Household staff

Many expats living in Bali hire household staff to help out with various chores, including gardeners, drivers, maids, cooks and security staff. Depending on your needs, staff will live with you in your house or commute every day. With regards to finding staff, the best way is usually by word of mouth. It is important to try and get as much information as you can about the person and set the expectations early as to what is required by your staff and their salary and other conditions of employment. Talk to other expats about their experience hiring staff and you will be sure to hear mixed experiences.


There is an immigration office in Pemaron on the main road between Lovina and Singaraja.

Medical and hospitals

There is a English speaking doctor in Lovina who has a small clinic in central Lovina, near Fuji Film on the main road. There is also a pharmacy (apotek) which sells a range of medicines. There are several hospitals located in Singaraja, including:

Singaraja Public Hospital Jl. Ngurah Rai 30, Singaraja Bali +62-362-22573

Prodia Clinic Jl. RA Kartini 12, Singaraja Bali +62-362-24516

Renting a property

It is common practice in Indonesia that you rent a house or apartment for one whole year and you need to pay the full amount in advance. The good thing is that you don't have to organize rent payment every month and you can generally get some fantastic deals.

If you only want to rent a property for just a few months, there are not as many properties available but we do have some that can be rented for shorter periods. Contact us for further details.


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