About Us

Lovina Homes is a small real estate agency located in Lovina, north Bali in Buleleng Regency. Our office is conveniently located in central Lovina in Jalan Pantai Binari, which is sometimes referred to as ôDolphin Streetö. Lovina Homes is an Indonesian owned operated company, trading as C.V. Nanda.

Lovina Homes sources existing property and vacant land mostly in and around the north of Bali and offers a range of services including home sales, land sales, business sales, property sourcing, rental properties and property management. We work directly with the owners of our properties and negotiate the best price for our customers.

For buyers

Lovina Homes works with both foreign and local customers. We strive to find land and property to best suit our clients needs, whether they are looking for a permanent house in Bali, holiday home, business or dream villa and happy to work with people on all budgets.

For sellers

Lovina Homes uses the latest real estate marketing techniques to market your property both locally in Bali and Indonesia and through out the world. We offer a fixed sales commission and do our best to create a smooth transaction for both buyers and sellers. We keep up with the latest internet marketing strategies to ensure your property can easily be found on the world wide web.

About the director

I am from Sumatra and now living permanently in Lovina, Bali. I decided to live in Lovina because it is a beautiful and quiet place to live in Bali, an completely different from living in a big city. I really like the people in Lovina, because they like to help each other and they make me feel as comfortable here as in my hometown.

I started my property business because my family and parents are very interested in property investment and real estate. I can still remember when my mother bought land, and built a house to rent out to people. She is still active in real estate and managing her properties and sometimes even offers me advice! I own property in Lovina myself, as I believe it is not only a great place to live, but an excellent place to invest.

I strive to build my business based on honesty and customer service. I like to try to get to know my customers well and build personal relationships with them. Even after a property is sold, I try to offer to help with any problem or support they need, whether it is getting a building permit or getting a visa to stay in Bali.

Even though I have only been in Lovina a short time, I have quickly developed good relationships with other property agents, small businesses and local government in Lovina. I am planning on living in Lovina long term and build my business up slowly over time.

Feel free to call or email me about any questions about the properties on our website or if you have any questions about living in Lovina. Or if you are in Lovina, please come and visit me in my office!


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